Zurich, Switzerland DC – Network Event 24/01/2021

05:00 GMT 24/01/2020

Our NOC noticed a massive incoming flood of bandwidth that was causing massive packet loss to our Swiss Data Center.

08:17 GMT 24/01/2020

The packet loss is being caused by a massive DDOS attack (greater than 200Gbps). The attack is directed at multiple customers and internal infrastructure. Though our local equipment is able to mitigate some of the incoming flood, the attack is overwhelming the 100Gbps links we have with our upstream providers. We are working to mitigate the attack with the help of our upstream provider. More updates will be sent with progress.

10:45 GMT 24/01/2020

We are continuing to work with our upstream providers to block the incoming attack. We will update you when the situation is resolved and the network is back to normal condition.

12:27 GMT 24/01/2020

We are making progress on blocking the network issue and expect to have the the issue resolved within 2 hours, with 4 hours being the maximum time to resolve.

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