How to Create an Ark: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server

Ark: Survival Evolved Server Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016 & 64-Bit
  • Quad-Core Processor (Requires up to 2 full cores, 4 cores would be better)
  • 4GB RAM Memory (100 players need at least 4GB RAM, 8GB RAM would be better)
  • At least 50GB disk space (Install folder)

Step 1: Fetching All Game Server Files from SteamCMD

It is possible to fetch the steam files automatically from Steam using SteamCMD. (Check out SteamCDM)

  1. Create a folder where you wish to store your own ARK: Survival Evolved game server hosting files.
  2. Inside of the folder, place the newly downloaded SteamCMD.exe file
  3. Create a batch file named SteamCMD.bat
  4. Place the following codes in this batch file to make it automatic:
@echo offstart "" steamcmd.exe +login USER PASS +force_install_dir "C:\Some\Path\Where\You\Want\Game\Server\Files\To\Go" +app_update 346110 validate +quit
  1. Right-click SteamCMD.bat and click Run as Administrator
  2. Your game server files should be completely downloaded by now automatically.

Step 2: Setting up an ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server

  1. Create a batch file named ARK.bat in your newly created SteamCMD folder (Mentioned in Step 1).
  2. Place the following code in this batch file:
start ShooterGameServer.exe "TheIsland?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?SessionName=SURVIVALSERVERS?MaxPlayers=127?listen?ServerPassword=MYPASSWORD?ServerAdminPassword=MYPASSWORD" -nosteamclient -game -server -log
  1. If you want to change maps, change “TheIsland” with any other ARK map or DLC:
    1. TheIsland – The Island – Consists of multiple climatic and geological regions. There are five larger mountains in the north and plains in the south. Three large Obelisks form a triangle on the Island.
    2. ScorchedEarth_P – Scorched Earth – Stranded naked, dehydrated, and starving on a fiery, draught-ridden desert world, survivors must seek water, hunt for food, harvest new flora, craft new items, and built shelter to protect from the deadly heat and new creatures that rule this scorched earth.
    3. TheCenter – The Center – Another spin on the Island variety map. Features a floating island, giant waterfalls, a vast underground world with its own ecosystem/sun, a lava biome similar to Mordor, ancient ruins, and unique level design.
    4. Ragnarok – Ragnarok – Journey through an expansive 144 sq. kilometer environment where elements from The Island, Scorched Earth, and all new biomes are combined to bring the ultimate survivor experience.
    5. Aberration_P – Aberration – A derelict, malfunctioning ARK with an elaborate underground biome system, survivors face exotic new challenges unlike anything before: extreme radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplines, wingsuits, climbing gear, cave dwellings, charge-batteries, and far more, along with a stable of extraordinary new creatures await within the mysterious depths.
    6. Extinction – Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! An Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic & technological, Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation.
    7. Valguero_P – Explore new heights and hidden depths; whether it’s creating your foundations in the White Cliffs or unearthing the secrets of the Aberration Trench, Valguero offers a new experience in the ARK universe. With new biomes, challenging dungeon bosses, and mysterious ruins to discover, there’s always something exciting — and dangerous — on Valguero.
  2. Run ARK.bat to start up the server

Step 3: Port Forwarding

Add an incoming traffic rule to your Windows Firewall to allow UDP connection, port 27015 as well as 27016 (or whichever port you are using).

You may additionally need to add a forwarding rule to your network router. You can use to read how to do this and check your port enabled or disabled.

How to Join Your Server?

STEP 1: Update your server to the newest ARK version, then click the green update button at the bottom of the panel. 

STEP 2: Right-click Steam in the taskbar icons of your PC and select “Servers” as pictured below.

STEP 3: Select ARK as your game at the bottom. Join your server!

How to Configure your ARK Game Server?

Here comes the fun part, setting up your ARK game server to your needs.

To modify game server settings, you can open the ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini

You can modify settings in here (in addition to the launch line) – these settings overwrite your launch line settings:

* Password=genesis
* ServerPassword=genesis
* MaxPlayers=10