Scheduled Maintenance – Frankfurt – Multiple locations from Europe

Dear Customer,

Hosthink would like to inform you of a planned maintenance work needed to upgrade the Core Network in Frankfurt.

This maintenance will be done in steps due to the size of the work while assuring minimum impact will be noticed by customers.

However, you can encounter traffic re-routes, temporary congestion, or even temporary loss of service while the works are performed.

Not only the services in Germany will be affected, but the services outside of Germany will feel a lower impact as the traffic can in most cases be re-routed via other paths.

Day 1, Backbone Links to Bucharest, Western Europe, and Local Ring in Frankfurt

Start Time: 09.11.2022, 23:00 UTC
End Time: 10.11.2022, 06:00 UTC

Day 2, Backbone Links to Central Europe and Migrate Germany-Based Services
Start Time: 10.11.2022, 23:00 UTC
End Time: 11.11.2022, 06:00 UTC

If you encounter any issues with your service outside these maintenance windows, please contact us via support ticket.

Thank you for understanding.

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